Site: Sg Long- Semi D

Product Installed:
1. Aluminum Casement Window
2. Multi Folding Door
3. Sliding Window + Fixed Panel
4. Room Glass Partition
5. Shower Screen

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#Tips of Doors & Window

1. The conventional height of window is 1200mm, the designer designed all the windows to be 1500mm Height, hence, the windows are taller, making the interior more spacious and more daylight are accessible into the house.

2. Customer also hacked down some wall and replaced with glass at the study area to allow more brightness into the room and making the overall space more spacious and bright.

3. Multifolding door at the side garden allows maximum opening space between the house and exterior area, owner can host a party and opens up the folding doors into a big space.

The customer engaged an Interior Designer for renovation and we were engaged as a windows and doors supplier. Our customer wish the house to be more vibrant and bright, hence a lot of windows were allocated.

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