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One of the major benefits associated with this material is its excellent insulating properties. These sheet offers a much higher level of thermal resistance than traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulation products which helps to improve energy efficiency and keep heating and cooling costs in check. Despite their structural strenght and durability, these panel are also easy to cut, shape, or form using only basic tools and equipments.

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Test Result (Pattern PS Sheet)

Property Test Method Test Result
Tensile Strength (MPa) ASTM D638 30.7
Elongation at rapture(%) ASTM D638 6.2
Specific Gravity (gm/cm) ASTM D792 1.05
Haze ASTM D1003 6.35
Shrinkage (%) ASTM D4802 2.49
Water Absorption (5)(23*C 24 Hours) ASTM D570 0.01
Heat Distortion Temperature (*C) ASTM D648 93.4
Thermal Stability ASTM D4802 Bubbies or blisters
Impact Strength Izcd (J/m) ASTM D256 13.1
Light Transmittance (%)(400-700m) ASTM D1003 89.2


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