When we think of to change or replace interior doors, glass doors tend to come to our mind as there are a wide range of fantastic styles and designs available today to suit all applications. Glass has been increasingly used widely as a design element by house owners, designers, contractors due to its simplicity and elegance.

 Why Use Interior Glass Door

Interior glass doors are used to separate between rooms to provide privacy but also to create spaciousness visually. Glass allows the natural sunlight penetration from the exterior, which is an added benefit to brighten up the interior and also creates the feeling of better ventilation.

 Types of Interior Glass Door

Thanks to modern technology, Reliance Home offers many choices of interior glass doors. We use clear glass and/or tinted/colored glass/fiberglass to increase the privacy of your rooms and as unique design feature. Our glass door solutions range from:-

1)      Folding Door

2)      Swing Door

3)      Sliding Door

Folding Glass Door

Our Bifold Doors are available in various styles, designs and colors and have been gaining popularity in the market. With these options, you will have the benefit of selecting the type that suits your requirement as well as an added feature to your interior décor. It is light, easy to handle and comes in many colors & designs suitable to be used for bedroom, kitchen, office, store, pantry, study/computer/music room, toilet, wardrobe/cabinet, etc.


Swing Glass Door

This swing glass door is the most common and traditional type of door, i.e., swing open and close by means of hinges on one side of the door. We manufacture a wide range of modern swing glass doors, highly effective to give your rooms a facelift. Our swing glass door normally comes with aluminum frame and glazed with infill panels, such as acrylic sheet, polystyrene sheet, fiber glass and laminated safety glass available in many colors and also designs.

Sliding Glass Door

If space permit, our sliding glass door provides more space on the interior or exterior of your house or any premise, as it does not swing out of into the room. Our sliding door is trackless and supported by means of heavy-duty rollers to slide along the top track. This sliding glass door comes with aluminum frame and glazed with infill panels such as; acrylic sheet, polystyrene sheet, fiber glass and laminated safety glass available in many colors and also designs.

Nowadays, many house owners, designers or contractors choose to include interior glass doors in their list because these glass doors are affordable, functional, durable and stylish. With all these benefits in mind, when you need to decide what kind of doors to merge your interior/exterior areas and make the most of the space, our interior glass doors should be the best choice for a good reason is that they are all custom-made to suit all conditions.


 Why Choose Reliance Home Interior Glass Door?

You can not go wrong with our range of Interior Glass Doors associated with the following benefits and reasons:

1)        Tough and Secured.

2)        Durable and need no replacement in the near future.

3)        Modern, Stylish and blend well with any interior décor.

4)        Easy to maintain like a breeze.

5)        Customized to meet all structural dimensions or space limitation.

If you need more information or view our wide range of products; shower screen, glass window, balcony glass, staircase glass, glass roofing/skylight, etc., please feel free to call our toll free number at 1800-815-862 or visit us at www.reliancehome.com or join our fan page at www.facebook.com/reliancehomeservice.

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