How to choose the right sliding door for your home

A great sliding door needs to look good from the inside and also outside on your house and it also needs to be durable and most importantly- be safe.

Good quality of sliding doors is always supported by its heavy-duty industrial nylon made rollers which can support large panel of glass door. The bigger the panel, of course the better as you can enjoy bigger view without the obstruction of the door frame.

Quality & Beauty

In Reliance Home, we ensure our customer to always enjoy the quality and the beauty of our products. Our heavy duty roller system can support up to a big size of a glass panel of 6 feet x 10 feet high. A normal four panel sliding doors can be replaced by only two-peace of our Reliance sliding door, so you can enjoy larger view and makes your home looks much more spacious.

The type that you choose will depend on your style and your need. How the doors will be used and how much space you have in the doorway area, etc. Bear in mind the importance of things such as weatherproofing and durability. While you want a pretty sliding door that will go well with your décor, you also want one that you will need no replacement in the short period.

Great Tip #1

Frame Color

Always choose the frame color that has a contrast effect to your wall color. It certainly makes your door pop out and look good.

Great Tip #2

Panel color Choice

If your outdoor view is not very appealing, you can add stylish touches to cover the unfavorable view up by mixing your door glass panel with the translucent glass. This translucent glass panel cannot be seen through and it reduces the scorching sun into the room.

Remember, your home reflects your thoughts and designing it in the way you wish to see it as an important part of your personal and social life.




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