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Your house doors and windows are not only serving its purpose to your home but to show your home’s personality, whether it is formal and dignified, simple and colorful. Small details often add a big difference; the doors and windows can be the focal point of your home if you choose the right size and style. But how do you choose the right door to go with your home?

Let Reliance Home goes through some of the important points that you need to mark down before proceeding with your house window planning.



Door is the access of in and out of the house, hence putting the right door at the right location is very important. Making sure the door is putting minimum 4 feet from the area with furniture, cabinets that consume human activity as entrance area will be filled with traffic.

Secondly, putting the door with a good exterior view is a value added factor to promote harmony environment to your family.

There are three types of exterior doors: Sliding Door, Folding Door and Swing Door. So, what type of exterior door should you choose?


Ventilation Factor:

If you enjoy natural breeze and do not like to stay in air-conditioned, you can opt for folding door. Folding door is a type of door that opens up the space up to 90%, it makes two spaces into one when the doors folds up and allow full air ventilation into your house.


View Factor:

If ventilation isn’t a main factor and you want unblocked view of your beautiful garden yet you prefer to stay in air-conditioned, you can opt for sliding door. The current trend of sliding door comes with heavy duty roller which can support up to 6 feet Width and 10 feet Height per panel, which provides you a large piece glass that gives you exterior view without having aluminum frame in between to block the view.


For most people, exterior doors provide three things: security, weather protection, and style. Nevertheless, choosing a reliable and good quality supplier is also very important.

Application Factory

There are three types of doors: Swing, Sliding and Folding Door. You need to decide which characteristic of door you prefer, swing door opens up the space fully but it consumes space when you opens up the door. Sliding door, on the other hand doesn’t consume any opening space however it can only opens up half of the doorway only. Likewise Swing Door, folding door opens up the doorway fully but at a larger scale. Folding door comes in minimum two panel and can spread up to more than 12 panels. But to Swing door, it is impossible to

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