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Aneeta Sashless Windows
are consistently specified by architects,
building designers and home owners.
An unobstrusive view together with the practicality of an
operable window best describes an Aneeta Sashless
Window, and they are suitable for all building
All our single glazed systems provide the overlapping of
glass when opening or closing the systems while the
simplicity and sleek look define the Aneeta brand.
Aneeta Sashless Windows are designed to accommodate
the uniqueness of every building environment providing a
versatility for all new or existing projects.
Aneeta Sashless Windows are the brand of choice among
Australia’s architects, building designers and home
owners. For more information please contact one of our
offices or contact us online: aneetawindows.com


Aneeta Window Series

Aneetha Sashless Window

From: RM5,470.00RM5,196.50
Aneeta Unit SOLD