Aluminum Louvers Glass Window

From: RM1,840.00RM1,288.00

Aluminum Louvres Glass Window

Model No: Aluminum Glass Lourves Window
Model: Palmair Lourves by Breezway

Frame: Powder Coated Color

Glass: 6mm Clear Glass + Edge Polished

System: Interlocking System

  1. Breezway Louvre windows products are designed to achieve the requirements of AS2047-1999 “Windows in Buildings”.
  2. The Louvre Galley Channel is to be manufactured from extruded aluminium alloy 6063-T5. The blade holding clips are to be UV stabilised polypropylene and activiated by extruded aluminium allow 6063 T5 pantograph operating bars. Handles are to be manufactured from acetal.
  3. The Blade holding clips and the operating mechanism shall be replaceable.
  4. Weatherstrips complete with coextruded seal shall be fitted to manufacturer’s specification with an approved sealant to head and sill of each louvre set.
  5. The louvre system shall comply to AS2047 (windows in buildings) tests for window performance. Glass shall be width of 102mm or 142mm, thickness is 6mm.